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World Cancer Day awareness Program

A J Hospital celebrated World Cancer Day on February 10, 2024, with a series of enlightening and impactful events aimed at raising awareness about cancer prevention, detection, treatment, and support. The day's agenda encompassed a diverse range of activities designed to engage healthcare professionals, dignitaries, and the public in the fight against cancer.


The event started with a prayer led by Mrs. Akshatha & Mrs. Reshma, invoking god’s blessing. Dr. Harsha, PG, Radiation Oncology, extended a warm welcome to all attendees and introduced the esteemed Chief Guest for the event. Dr. Amitha Marla, DMA, AJHRC presented a floral welcome to the Chief Guest, symbolizing gratitude and honor for their presence. In a symbolic gesture of hope and enlightenment, all dignitaries, HODs, and Managers participated in the lighting of the lamp ceremony.

Dr. Kamalaksha Shenoy: Delivered an insightful discourse on reducing risk factors, early detection, prevention, and treatment in cancer care. 

Dr. Kavitha: Addressed the audience on the importance of collective efforts against cervical and breast cancer, emphasizing early detection and management strategies.

Dr. Naveen R Rodrigues: Explored the significance of palliative care and geriatric assessment in cancer treatment and end-of-life care.

Dr. Deepa Kotari, Associate Professor of Psychology, delivered a thought-provoking talk on the psychosocial aspects of cancer care, shedding light on the emotional and mental health dimensions of the disease.

Distinguished panelists including Dr. Kamalaksha Shenoy, Dr. Rachan Shetty, Dr. Kavitha, Dr. Vishwanath, Dr. Naveen Rodrigues, and the Chief Guest engaged in a dynamic panel discussion, addressing pertinent issues and sharing valuable insights. The panelists clarified doubts raised by the audience, ensuring that everyone left with a clearer understanding of cancer-related topics and concerns.

Dr. Prashanth Marla, MD of AJHRC, delivered a compelling presidential address, underscoring the hospital's commitment to cancer care and research. Dr. Trisha, PG, Radiation Oncology, expressed gratitude to all participants, sponsors, and collaborators for their contributions to the success of the event.

Additional Programs conducted :
•    Cancer Screening Package: Offered at a discounted rate throughout February, providing accessible screening services to the community.
•    Free Cancer Screening and Awareness Camp: Conducted in collaboration with Jewels Group and Indian Cancer Society, extending services to the public at KSRTC Mangaluru Division.
•    Cancer Awareness Talk with Panel Discussion: Held at AJHRC, fostering dialogue and knowledge exchange on cancer-related topics.
•    CME to GPs: External program providing continuous medical education to General Practitioners.
•    Hair Donation Campaign: A heartfelt initiative to support cancer patients undergoing treatment.

The World Cancer Day event at A J Hospital gave informative sessions, discussions, and community outreach programs, participants were empowered with knowledge and resources to make a difference in the fight against cancer.