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What are the Health Benefits of Yoga?

Yoga is a low-impact, slow-pace form of exercise that can greatly benefit those who practice it regularly. It focuses on the mind to muscle connection and greatly improves your awareness about your own body. Everyone’s body is different, so the benefits of yoga vary from person to person and body type to body type. What physicians and physiotherapists at A.J. Hospital Mangalore can guarantee with regular yoga practice is a clearer mind, better balance and a heightened ease of movement. Alongside these benefits, yoga can also help past injuries, aid recovery and develop general strength.

Nine benefits of Yoga

9 benefits of Yoga -

  • Better Sleep - Sleep is the most important part of leading a healthy life, yoga helps your muscles relax and decrease mental stress. It can also help regulate your sleep cycle by helping you stay asleep.

  • Increased Flexibility and Agility - Yoga loosens your muscles and can help strengthen and make your muscles more flexible with regular practice as it can increase blood flow in muscles that aren’t used that often.

  • Stronger, more resistant muscles - Yoga helps build healthy muscle fibre and can increase the internal strength of your muscles and joints, which help reduce injuries in the future and can make your day-to-day activities, especially in extreme weather, a lot easier.

  • Heart Health - Yogic Breathing, or Pranayama helps with blood flow by increasing your body’s oxygen consumption, leading to your lungs synthesising more oxygen into your bloodstream which  improves cardiovascular functioning.

  • Improved Mental Health -  Taking time to yourself and using yoga to connect with your subconscious thoughts through integrated meditation has been proven to relieve stress, decrease agitation and overall help with stabilising moods.

  • Reduced Inflammation - Post-injury, yoga is an excellent tool for physiotherapy and can be an important factor in reducing inflammation from injury or illness as its low-impact nature allows your body to heal at the right pace.

Yoga improves mental health

  • Creative Movement Therapy - Yoga is an excellent way to improve the mind-body connection and can improve your relationship with your body, which can in turn help with mental stress, especially body image issues and trauma related to your own body. It has been proven that our body holds trauma long after our mind has forgotten, meaning you can still have reactions to events that you thought you had got over. Yoga is a great way to put you in touch with these aspects of your body that you may not have been aware of before.

  • Better Posture - Yoga’s innate focus on the back, shoulders, neck, core and legs help with increasing blood flow to these areas and can strengthen the bonds between them, helping with unconscious posture.

  • Reducing stress and burnouts - Integrating yoga into your daily or regular schedule can provide you with much-needed personal time and can also reset your energy cycle and reinvigorate you for the incoming work 

Why is consistency important?
Yoga on its own is not enough, consistency is key. Having a consistent schedule and regularity is the only way to see the long-term benefits of yoga. Practising and progressing with this ancient art form can have overall health benefits, without the intensity of heavy workouts or cardio. Taking a slow, measured approach to your health is what the experts at A.J. Hospital recommend, especially if you have long-term illnesses or injuries. We recommend one step at a time, but also to keep taking steps forward.

Importance of regular Yoga

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