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Dr. Prashanth Marla K

Consultant Urologist, Certified Robotic Surgeon, Transplant Surgeon




M.S., MCh.

Dr. Prashanth Marla K.,

Medical Director, Certified Robotic Surgeon and Transplant Surgeon

About Dr. Prashanth Marla K.

Dr. Prashanth Marla K. is a highly skilled and esteemed urologist, serving as the Medical Director at A.J. Hospital & Research Centre. With his extensive experience and exceptional surgical skills, he has established himself as a prominent figure in the field of medicine. Driven by his passion for improving patient outcomes, Dr. Prashanth Marla K. has made significant contributions to the technological advancement of our hospital.

Heading the Department & the Hospital

As the Medical Director of A.J. Hospital & Research Centre, Dr. Prashanth Marla K. plays a pivotal role in shaping and advancing the field of urology and 30+ Medical departments. He leads the Urology department, overseeing the implementation of cutting-edge healthcare technologies and innovative treatment approaches. Dr. Prashanth Marla K. is at the forefront of keeping up with the latest advancements in technology and strives to incorporate them into the hospital's practices. His forward-thinking approach has positioned A.J. Hospital & Research Centre as a hub for advanced advanced medical procedures.

Expertise in Urology

Dr. Prashanth Marla K.'s expertise in performing complex urological surgeries has gained him international recognition. He is known for his exceptional surgical skills and innovative techniques that have been adopted by fellow professionals worldwide. With years of experience and a deep understanding of urological conditions, Dr. Prashanth Marla K. brings a high level of expertise and precision to every procedure he performs.

Compassionate and Patient-centered

Beyond his surgical skills, Dr. Prashanth Marla K. is renowned for his compassionate and patient-centered approach to care. He believes in providing personalized treatment plans tailored to each patient's unique needs, ensuring that they receive the highest level of care and support throughout their urological journey. Dr. Prashanth Marla K.'s dedication to compassionate patient care has earned him immense respect and appreciation from both patients and fellow colleagues.

Technological Advancements

Dr. Prashanth Marla K. remains at the forefront of technological advancements in urology. He is deeply committed to staying updated with the latest developments in medical technology, aiming to implement them to enhance patient care and outcomes. For instance, A.J. Hospital & Research Centre became one of the pioneers in introducing PET-CT technology in 2016 under Dr. Prashanth Marla K.'s guidance.

International Recognition

Dr. Prashanth Marla K.'s exceptional surgical skills, leadership, and compassionate patient care have earned him widespread recognition and admiration within the medical community. He is respected as a skilled surgeon, a visionary leader, and a caring healthcare professional. Dr. Prashanth Marla K.'s contributions to the field of urology continue to have a positive impact on patient care, making him an invaluable asset to the medical community.


Dr. Prashanth Marla K. stands as a distinguished urologist, Medical Director, and certified robotic surgeon. With his expertise, dedication to advancements in urological care, and compassionate approach, he continues to elevate the standard of urological treatment at A.J. Hospital & Research Centre. Patients can trust in Dr. Prashanth Marla K.'s expertise and experience as they embark on their urological journey towards improved health and well-being.