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Fast life and changing lifestyle have made us take health for granted. You never know when your current lifestyle could adversely affect your health. As the old adage goes, 'Prevention is better than cure'; regular health check-up could give a comprehensive profile of the body, which can probably interpret signals, giving opportunity for early detection. Early detection is the key to economical cure. A. J. Hospital & Research Centre is making an effort to popularize the concept of positive lifestyle through its preventive health check-up packages, designed to meet the needs of varying age groups. It is more economical to go for a health check than visiting a hospital at the time of distress.

  • Early detection of diseases and health disorders.
  • Timely remedy ensures treatment before matters get out of hand.
  • Saves you high cost of treatment.
  • Your life can go on smoothly without disruption as your healthcare is well planned.
  • Get the benefit of Hi-End Medical Technology.
  • Helps you to constantly monitor your health and get timely advice keeping in mind your age, occupation and the other conditions influencing your health.
  • Can be life saving too.
  • A regular complete health check-up is very important for maintaining good health.
  • Go for a complete health check-up now


Health Checkup Lounge
Ground Floor, B Block,
A.J Hospital & Research Centre.