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The critical care unit treats patients who require the highest level of care in a very structured and controlled setting. In order to treat critical patients in the most thorough manner, critical care doctors and nurses use their specialized skills and extensive knowledge of disease pathology to provide interventions that sustain life.

Most patients in the ICU are incubated, ventilated, and on life-sustaining medication drips at the very least. Our staff is able to preemptively recognize changes in health and act swiftly with timely solutions.

Critical care plans for the long term goals and wellness of patients and looks at the all round functioning of the patient from neurological functioning, GI system, liver, your kidneys, etc.


  • Spacious Intensive Care Unit
  • Advanced monitoring systems and ventilators
  • Backed by intensivists round the clock
  • Facilities for dialysis
  • Blood bank with component
  • Advanced laboratory